Our recently commissioned tea extract plant has been built on the same site as our existing extraction facilities, enabling customers to benefit from synergies in product development and production and to make maximum use of AVT's wide ranging expertise. The facility has been designed in modular form to enable further expansion in the future and has the capability of manufacturing all types of soluble tea. In addition to using tea from our own tea estates in South India we also source a variety of tea from various worldwide origins. Our extensive range of products on offer include:

Cold Water Soluble base powders

These are used for ice tea mixes and ready to drink tea applications.

Hot Water Soluble base powders

Typically used in vending applications and also the tea element in 3-in-1 tea mixes

Green Tea powdered extracts

These range from standard green tea powders to complex extracts where we have managed to focus on a particular compound within the tea such as catechins, EGCG and caffeine. We have the ability to increase or decrease the percentage of these compounds in the extract depending on the customers' requirements. These types of enhanced green tea extract with recognised health benefits are becoming increasingly popular in the ready to drink tea market and health and wellness sector.

Speciality Tea powdered extracts

These include Oolong and Decaffeinated tea extract for the ready to drink tea market.

Tea Aroma

In addition to tea extracts we can also offer aqueous tea aroma. During the extraction process the "tea aroma" that is created from the infusion is literally captured. Tea aroma is increasing in its application in ready to drink iced tea drinks - helping to create a fresh tea flavour.

AVT Product List Specification

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